25 October 2010

Just a thought..

I really dig the whole appeal of doing the shows in the downtown warehouses for that industrial chic attitude.

But what I'm tired of is people saying LA is talentless and filled with dusty diamonds...THEY JUST NEED TO BE POLISHED. This is going to seem narcissistic but blunt and honest..Find the real talent instead of letting these trophy wives with an entertainment gig become designers. It doesn't work. The show wasn't worth mentioning. I attended the LE SS11 presentation..But there was a Bacardi hosted open bar and plenty of interesting people to talk to. It's back these Lauren Conrad look alikes that put together collections of simple pieces done in horrible taste with equally bad silhouettes. Why are you being invested in? And why are you getting ALL the perks? There is a term for this type of designing...MASS MARKETING. Don't advertise yourself for high end contemporary womenswear or haute couture if your look simply consists of a white pleated t-shirt thats going for $585. It just bugs me especially when they're are so many kick ass designers that are slipping under the radar! Please give them a chance to showcase their work!


A concerned patron of fashion


Ended up talking to the girls from Pretty Wild on E! They were pretty interesting and I kind of loved it. haha. They're mom is so sweet!

(Vintage Versace Jeans Couture printed denim, Jeffrey Campbell Rocker Wedges in black, Silk Barney's  black tank, Silence + Noise asymmetrical vest, Prada glasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bullet bag, and all vintage silver jewelry)

^^ This is me and my girl after the presentation. She walked in the show. It was a pretty fun event because of all the random but crazy different people that attended. 

We ended our night with a quick dinner at Bottega Louie downstairs below my loft. That is seriously the best restaurant ever. I'm going to miss it so much in NY. If you're ever in downtown LA, It's on the corner of 7th/Grand and is AMAZING. I recommend the Portobello Mushroom Fries & one of their signature salads! :) IT'S A MUST HAVE!

Ciao! xx

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