16 May 2011


Now everyone knows when you go purchase a nice piece (shoes, bag, ready to wear, etc.) to add to your closet, you're more then likely going to plan on getting your money's worth out of it. Everyone does! Unless you're Anna Dello Russo or some other couture headshot that can wear a piece once and not think twice about repeating it....ahem.

Anyways, since my fashionably convenient photographic memory retains the last 10 years of collections (by choice) from the likes of my favorite designers like some chic encyclopedia..I can't help but pull amazing looks from several years ago and pair them with some of the newest trends to date. It's a quick way to mix and match, allowing new outfit choices to surface. Also, I think it makes your wardrobe stand above many by using the unique approach of pairing the past with the present..

(But BEWARE to use this advice with caution. *It's also the reason I can't get rid of so many older items I barely even attempt to wear AND my closet tends to look like closing day at a Barney's warehouse sale. ;)

But as the days grow warmer here in the South, and my daily wardrobe starts to become more minimal due to weather...i'm finding that tote bags are a HUGE essential for me. I cant stand carrying a huge, black leather bag everywhere in close to 100 degree heat. But at the same time, nobody wants to carry some lame screen printed jersey throwaway either.

My solution:

Spice it up a little bit with a great carryall from the past! Bags are priceless items. A new series comes out every season, but they never go out of style. Lately, I've personally been drooling in remembrance of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2004 Ambres Cabas Neo collection of summery statement bags a little more appropriate to season...

The shape is perfect! And it's a classic encore to one of the best designer bag retailers.

Just to make it clear, I never owned it in the first place. And even though it's from close to 10 years ago...I'd die to purchase it now for summertime! It's so easy to pair with and large enough to throw all of your belongings in when you're running out the door! Not to mention it's made of PVC, so it's nearly impossible to destroy or get dirty. And i'm obsessed with see through plastic and lucite at the moment! So, the only downfall could be presentation..so I hope you're tidy when it comes to the exterior of your bag...It's out there for the ENTIRE world to see. Lipstick, wallet and all! It's your little monogramed peek a boo pouch! ;)

*I'm pretty sure this is the first time I saw it after it came out...On this old Kanye video with my favorite Clueless star running aimless and retardedly through the airport. But all you get from the video is..FIERCE BAG!! I NEED!

There is a few other great beach-like bag's i'd tote around from the luxury standards of Balenciaga, Jil Sander, and Barney's! But this is the deal breaker for me! BUT JUST FOR TEASER, this is another amazing carry-all! I know I just did my whole spill about huge leather bag in summer, bla bla bla. But....IT'S CELINE. 

Timless and luxurious! I'll take one in every color. ;)

And I know a bag like this can be pricey, but it's guaranteed to last. I'm definitely a quality over quantity type. And like my mother always said...



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