13 May 2011


F R E A K Y  F R I D A Y ?

It's Friday the 13th, for those of you who have avoided the alert or aren't up to date with your calendars! And unlike some crazy slasher killer thriller...it's a beautiful day here in Texas! I'm headed to go enjoy it and work on few upcoming projects for my blog! I've also came across some new gem locations for amazing vintage - maybe ill check those out and press my luck for some mystical finds today! :)

In honor of today's freaky stature, I figured i'd do some research on the event to make myself more aware  of the event in it's entirety! I'll sum it up quickly:

Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on a friday, which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck. 

13 has always been an unlucky number in the eyes of the people. Thats why many terminals at airports wont have a thirteenth gate, many hotels/offices won't have a thirteenth floor and so on. It's also fills any old fashioned superstition void like black cats, the physical number 13, open ladders, opening umbrellas indoors, etc! 

The term that relates to the fear of this day is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. According to the US Stress Management & Phobia Institute, they're are between 17-21 million people affected by this today. Some people are paralyzed by fear so much, they avoid their normal routines on this day or will steer clear of certain activities just to be sure NOTHING happens.

 It doesn't help with the chain of cheesy 80's slasher killer movies that came out glorifying the scary fear! Now you no longer have to fear 13, but you might wanna fear Jason just a bit if he's ever crawling around in your basement! ;)

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The superstition even roots all the way back to the biblical times. Legendary traitor in the bible, Judas, was said to be Jesus' 13th guest at the Last Supper. Another theory of the origin dates back to 1118 in Jerusalem around the event of the arrest of the Knights Templar. (An interesting story if you have time to google it, and read it! :))

They're are conflicting studies about the rate of acccidents that occur on this day. All in all, the CVS have taken note that less "freaky" events occur on the actual day in recent years because people are more cautious and aware of their surroundings to prevent such happenings, while others run amuck in excitement of the spiritual day of fun! I am one of them! 

I love being in touch with my witchy senses, takes me back to my childlike curiosities and imagination, just for the day!

Get your SPOOK on! 


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