06 May 2011

Vanity Fair x StylelikeU book release party

The "mastermind" behind StyleLikeU!

Vanity Fair hosted an amazing party for the StylelikeU team a few weeks back for their first book release! The actual release was held before hand at the private space at House of Bumble, with an afterparty at 1Oak NYC. It was an amazing party full of fabulous outfits, inspirational people, and plenty of fun to go around. DJ Louie XIV was djing the event and we turned a little chic boutique club in the Meatpacking into a full fledged visit back to the posh Studio 54 days in New York! Thank you Milagro tequila for the delicious cocktails and pre party warmers! 

I met so many style legends that were photographed for the book! Here's a little peek inside!

You can pick up your own copy at StylelikeU!


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