17 June 2011

The next level

I'm sure you've all seen the new Proenza Schouler Resort 12' collection that surfaced this week. It's cutting edge in style, and unique in image...as is expected from one of my favorite womenswear designers. They always break the folds of expectation with every presentation, and have evolved into a multi faceted sophisticated brand over time. My favorite general idea of this season is when edgy, but luxurious ready to wear designers put out these feminine, sporty collections showing a completely different side to their creative process. It really makes you appreciate different visions of fashion. I don't just love couture. I love grunge, renaissance, romanticism, sport, retro, new wave, etc. The list could go on! I can't put a limit on where my creative juices flow from..

But what we're really focused on is the JEWELRY! A lot of others + myself have always been a fan of the duo's accessory line. I constantly see street style updates from the likes of AJ Mukumal + other fashion circuit posse's covered up in it. It's up there next to Lanvin and Louis Vuitton for high end goods on a smaller level! This season, it was a collaboration with NY based Alex & Lee. 

Take a look..

Breathtaking, right? 
But can someone please agree with me that Snow White's cute little seven dwarves pop into your head when you see the neck detail on the first piece...

It's like they took all the natural elements of the earth + inspiration from rare species & rock formations...add creativity and hard work...and WA LA..

An eye catching piece of hardware!
 Such a great tie in for Resort! 

What do you think about the jewelry? You can check out more of the pieces from the company here!

(Images via Style, SchreReport, Google)

PS: I know I said the last few were gonna be my last post about Resort. But the tides are high this year, and there is a lot of amazing additions this season! Just indulge!


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