04 June 2011

A revolution in classicism

(photos courtesy of Google & Vogue.com)

It's that time again. Resort shows have commenced in Paris & New York. And I have been freaking out since the ODR12' a few days ago. You don't have to be a fashion patron to appreciate this. This collection was manicured and polished for perfection. It's edgy, yet elegant, classic in a modern light, and refined, but curvy and still presented as a structured silhouette. It's such a fresh perspective for the under rated season. I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO RESORT & PRE-FALL. And as you know, I'm a HUGE accessory collector from hats to jewelry to bags, etc. Clearly, I'm screaming like a child over these sharp statement hats (probably still am as you're reading this). So many things are going through my head...Parisian parties, old pirate folk tales, Americana, luxury...the list could go on.

Needless to say, I'm definitely going on a HUNT asap for the perfect party hat.


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