01 June 2011


A few months back while I was still in NYC, the owner of Convent Shop in the LES asked a few blogger friends and I to come in and put together some of our favorite spring looks from the store. I love shopping there because there is a SMALL chance somebody will ever be seen wearing the same pieces as you around the city. Most of the brands are exclusive to Convent and almost all but a few are Scandinavian designers from overseas. 

(For spring I've been really interested in mixing masculine and feminine pieces for a neutral and balanced look that has the great aspects of both. Hence all the really soft silhouettes against the hard collar choker in every look.)

Here's a peek into the 4 looks I put together:

Look 1: No Face sunglasses, Xinnatex cut out dress, Jean Phillip black/asphalt silk shorts, and my vintage spiked collar + Cole Haan oxfords

Look 2: Prim blueberry ponte blazer, Prim lemon ava tunic, Laura Faulk leggings, and my vintage spiked collar + jewelry

Look 3: Xinnatex futuristic jacket + mesh asymmetric shirt, The Twentyten textured jeans, UO silver hightops

Look 4: Howl mesh cutout hooded tunic, R/H mickey leggings, and vintage spiked collar + Cole Haan oxfords

Get all the pieces you see at Convent Shop

In other news, i'm packing for LA. Headed to the west coast for the month of June. Stopping in quite a few places and can't wait to see all my old friends and hike in Malibu. Leaving friday! Stay tuned!

Happy June!