10 August 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at The Met

For those of you who weren't able to make it to NYC to see the Savage Beauty exhibition honoring Alexander McQueen at the Met, here are some of the highlights. (Please excuse the grainy photos, you weren't allowed to bring in any professional cameras or cell phones inside, so..) I was lucky to snap photos of some of my favorite pieces through out the presentation. 

The experience in itself is definitely one I won't be able to forget. Besides waiting in line for close to 5 hours total (no BIG DEAL) and dealing with the mass crowds of tens of thousands of people during the closing weekend, it was without a doubt, my favorite gallery setting to ever lay eyes on. Every single piece spoke for itself. There were no words to describe the dark, emotional tone that was carried on through out. It was cut off into 5 miniature sections, each focusing on a specific visual process he experienced during his design career. I was definitely moved by the craftsmanship and the story each collection told on it's own. There are very few designers in today's world that look at clothes past the marketing perspective of it being "a piece to add to your closet", rather than a work of art. McQueen defined and paved the path for a new generation of fashion artistry.

My favorite part was definitely the set up of a glass prism triangle inside a box with a 3D image of Kate Moss floating effortlessly in one of his beautiful gowns. The world and science really has changed over the last 20 years. And I feel like our generation gets to experience some of the coolest technological advances the world has ever seen and this was one of them! I also loved the reinterpretation of his mirrored box collection from Spring/Summer 2001.

Knowing that this is the last time i'll ever get to see the archived pieces of his previous shows, I couldn't leave without a parting gift... so I bought the collector's edition book they were selling! The front cover is the sickest holographic photo of Lee! It's a basic head shot but when you shine it in the light, it turns into one of his skull references from his final collection. AMAZING. After staying up all night reviewing the book after I didn't get home til 2am from show, I came to the conclusion..It's basically a more in-depth, detailed viewing of the exhibit + full of hi-res images, memorable quotes, and everything McQueen. Definitely a keep sake and another addition to my growing plethora of fashion coffee table reads!



  1. I envy you so much!
    this is a mindblowing experience and I'm sure you'll take so much from it

    God save McQueen!

  2. yes! it was so great!!! I absolutely loved it. He was irreplacable and i'm so glad i was able to be a part of it!