19 November 2011

Versace x H&M private pre shopping event

I attended the Versace x H&M private pre shopping event at the 5th avenue location last night with a friend for fabulous clothes, fashion faces, and cocktails + hors d'oeuvres GALORE! H&M really goes above and beyond to throw the kick off parties for the celebrated collaborations. It was a five star extravaganza by 7:30pm with all the perfect surroundings. I had such a great time. I'm also glad I was able to beat the heat of the lines and shop in a stress free setting with free flowing champagne and bumpin' music! I wish I would of taken more pictures of the yummy gourmet snacks and drinks that were going back and forth through the crowds all evening. It was ALL about presentation! But I was too busy shopping the collection!! It was a packed party for sure!
By the time we left at 10:30 pm-ish, there were already over 150 people waiting in line to get in this morning around 7:00am!!!! that's over 10 hours of waiting and it's 29 degrees outside! SO CRAZY. I guess some really prove their loyalty to the brand OR is this another Missoni x Target Long Island housewife situation where they buy up all the merch just to RE-hawk it on ebay and other sites! UGH they ruin the fun for true fashionistas! 

On to what I bought:
First off, sorry for the sloppy photos, I wanted to get them up ASAP before the downpour of VxHM comes rolling in later today and tomorrow. But anyways, I contemplated getting everything I wanted, but then I chose not to go OVERBOARD like some people buying 2 of every piece. I wanted to choose a few selections that really represented the true symbolism of my favorite gaudy Italian label because I know you'll see it all over the streets in a week. So I went for the risky pieces. And remember! It's all about HOW YOU WEAR IT

Individuality WORKS.

 I went for bold prints, bright colors, and the overall flamboyance of Versace with a Miami Vice twist...
I'm in love with my pieces that I got, especially the skirt. It's a perfect representation of Gianni Versace circa late 1980's when his archives truly came alive! Who knows I might go back for some of the low key accessories and the amazing japanese printed denim jacket that NOBODY seemed to be interested in last night. CRAZY PEOPLE. 

As for the shoppers who are braving the madness this morning nationwide, and by my watch should be getting in any minute now since it's almost 8am here in NYC. I have one little tip..


Collaboration shopping is complete madness and can be messy. Be prepared when you go in! Know what you want and don't hesitate buying something now. You can suffer from buyer's remorse later! Good luck!

Happy Saturday!


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