29 November 2011

There goes another one

Apparently H&M wastes no time with keeping the fashion ball rolling. They've just announced this morning their next designer collaboration for the Spring 2012 season will be Marni! I'm so excited! I feel like this is going to start being a repeat in my life...getting excited for collaborations. Some of my favorite designers have joined the forces of contributing to mass retailers on a high end luxury scale. For those who weren't brave enough to try the bold Versace x H&M prints, you're in luck next season. Not only is Marni realistically wearable compared to many other ready to wear brands, but this will be your only chance to ever get your hands on it without paying an arm and a leg, literally. With no mid range sister label from Marni offering the same design qualities for a more affordable price point, you'll just have to wait for this experience! Their vision will focus deeply into the history of the label and reinvent the classic repertoire of the dream Marni gal! 

So excited for details to further,  
I know the prints are gonna be UH-MAZING

Until then! I'll be waiting..patiently.


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