01 November 2011

I'll be your teenage dream, tonight


Here's a quick look at the scene last night in the underground dungeon at Gallery Bar! After plans were changed a million and one times, I ended up at the Mark Ronson x Milk Studios halloween party at the Dream Hotel in the Meatpacking. It was the usual crowd of fashionistas, models, randoms, and plenty of party goer's. I honestly love Halloween. It was so fun seeing everyone dressed up in different costumes + I had too much fun trying to figure out what half the people were portraying! I will say I was so happy to finally meet Andrej Pejic in person. He is such an inspiration to the future of fashion and in my own personal androgynous movement. He's a beautiful creature inside and out. Anyways, back to what I wore..Teenage Dream by Katy Perry randomly came on my music shuffle while I was trying to get ready and then it clicked! I was gonna be the ideal "teen dream" chic that was in all the movies when you were younger. I went with a Tom Cruise feel in the white button up, but added a varsity jacket, hot red lips, and shorts...25 minutes later I was the total dreamboat waiting on the sidelines for my man to score a winning touchdown while wearing his  letterman jacket!  A total Betty! Funny, eh?

At least some people totally got it! Love being spontaneous
Until next year!


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