11 November 2011

Early November

Yowza! What a week it's been. The weather has been a god send here in NYC. Usually around this time, it's already frigid and i'm in need of warm drinks constantly to keep my body from falling into a state of hypothermia due to my Texas roots! :P But luckily, we've had spring-like weather all week long, so i'm enjoying it before I'm stuck inside for the next 4 months hibernating during the cold winters here. And to add to that, i'm ready to bundle up in chunky knits and long trousers for the rest of the season. I'm pretty much over my summer wardrobe until next year. 

Anyways, I spent the entire day roaming around Brooklyn and ended my afternoon in Central Park. The trees are finally changing colors and shedding leaves, which are forming massive piles of colorful foliage all over the place. I love it. This is definitely my favorite time of year on the east coast. Next up, Thanksgiving. And my birthday next month! Sagittarius' are on the verge of being in full effect!

It's been one hell of a year..
I hope this reaches you well, wherever you are.


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