08 December 2011

All about Chanel Pre Fall 2012

(photos via Style)

1-10: Top ten runway looks
11-14: Details of handbags
15-18: Beauty shots
(Daphne, Lindsay, Rose, & Saskia)
19: Up close shot of jewelry

Uncle Karl took a spiritual journey within his mind to the depths of India for the core inspiration of his pre-fall collection for Chanel. He's doing great this year with an epic SS12 show, followed by a strong Resort, and now this..I can't wait for FW12. I always love the slow introduction to the A/W seasons with Pre-Fall, but usually don't pay much attention to it unless it really strikes me personally. Being as that i'm a huge fan of the ultimate luxury that Chanel embodies regardless of season or concepts + the fact that I recently have been referencing photos of Indian royalty with all of their unique jewelry adornments and physical religious rituals equalled me literally salivating over style.com at 2am going through each look. Lagerfeld stated after the show, "It's much more inspiring not to go to places than to go". 

Why would you need to go after seeing the dome of the Grand Palais in Paris magically transform into the last days of Raj? Lets remember, he never forgets the details. Chanel always brings a full package with every collection. It's about more then just the clothes, it's the setting they're presented in that really makes you love it. Well this particular scene was decked with tables filled to the brim with tiers of fruits and flowers, dimly lit crystal embossed candles, and old world silver china which made you feel like you were eating in a massive dining room in the Taj Majal, rather then attending a fashion presentation.

What more to say then the clothes were extremely beautiful...I must admit, i'm not a huge fan of tweed, but he always designs his signature pieces so eloquently, who couldn't love them? Bringing back all the classics like the cap toe boots, tweed suits, leather chain link purses, peplum jackets, and rich fabrics which have been reinvented by the historical musings of India in a French chic attitude. The accessories inspired by hindu princesses were a huge asset to the collection, and really set Chanel ahead of the game for this upcoming 2012 season.

Do you think it's wearable?
Should it be toned down for a more street appropriate look? 
Either way..I'M ON BOARD!


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