22 December 2011

In good company


So sorry for the lack of recent updates on here! The last two weeks have been crazy busy with events, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, work, and traveling. But dont worry, I have plenty of fabulous content to post in the next week while i'm home for christmas! In the mean time, I had do a quick post about my lovely travel companion..

I picked up this amazing bag at the Helmut Lang/Theory sample sale over the weekend! The sale had a selection full of chic ready to wear and accessories. This was a mixture of an impulse buy/early birthday present to myself. There were so many great features about it that I couldn't pass it up. 

First off, I love the shape. It reminds me of the old-fashioned doctors bag, but also a little reminiscent of the Celine tote that i've been lusting over for the last 2 seasons. The zipper detail and adjustable strap are also major pluses! Not to mention it's made of calfskin, so the texture is soft to the touch. The dilemma was that it also came in a camel color and I was really torn..but after careful examination of both, I ended up with the black one. That was a NO BRAINER. It's obviously easier to pair and could be more of an every day go-to bag!

(PS: I've recently decided to stop being such an obsessive fashion whore and have started to focus on purchasing timeless classics that will actually circulate within my wardrobe instead of being irrelevant in a year or two.)

Next on my list? 
I'm in the market for a nice watch!
I used to never leave the house without one..and now I never wear them because i've retired all my old favorites.

Whats on your wish list?


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