12 May 2012

Current Desire: Form meets Functionality

(images via google)

Sneaker wedges were a hit on the major runways for Spring 2012 and now that were currently entering season, i'm kind of going bananas over the concept. It's such an androgynous piece to introduce in my closet! 

The first pair I wanted were the Isabel Marants, but when I saw the $1,200 price point, I knew it was out of my price range...and yes I was heartbroken!! But I knew the second I saw a similar idea on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway that these had to be mine come spring time. Both fabulous and (more) affordable! ;) These are perfect for my spring wardrobe.. I'm drawn by the generally masculine subject with feminine like attributes including the hidden wedge and monochromatic lace up detail. I must say, I'm a little torn on the color selection. I love the white, but they aren't practical for the nitty gritty streets of NY. So i'll probably end up getting red...or multicolor (if i'm having a really good day)... 

Bringin' back sportswear all day long.
I must adieu!


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