17 May 2012

Dancing with Donna

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll notice I do miniature tributes to all of my personal icons when they pass on from our world to the afterlife. If you have been online this morning, i'm sure you know or heard that Donna Summer died..(all my glitter falls to the floor).. She was famous for more then just her music..she's always been a HUGE muse for me. Her style was impeccable. I will admit, I have a soft spot for fashion in 60's/70's/80's pop culture...There was something so whimsical about the time period. Rather it was the long hair and suede left over from Woodstock or the glitz and glamour of nightlife personas ...i'll take it all! 
She was total funk, the ultimate disco dancing babe.
So this one's for her!

RIP Donna Summer

I'll never forget those endless summer nights with the top down in LA, cruising down the PCH jamming to Bad Girls!

I'll always have memories with you<3


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