19 March 2011


(Wearing: Sally LaPointe top, Howl drawstring pants, Silence + Noise faux leather vest, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Tiffany's bean necklace, Thrifted turban & wayfarers)

The weather has been so strange lately in New York. One day it'll be pushing 60, and be warm/sunny, then the next day it will be raining with a low of 23. BLAH! but finally yesterday we got a piece of that Spring season we've been longing for ever since it left us last year. It got to 74 in the city and I was running Convent shop in the LES. I finally was able to wear a geometrically edgy outfit and not have to worry about covering myself in blankets to stay alive! I've been so busy this week. Doing so many up and coming projects I can't wait to talk about! I really think this is going to be a great year for me. Way to bring in the positive vibes! WOOP WOOP!

In other news:

I'm currently styling the up and coming summer issue for LoveCat magazine! It's an up and coming editorial print mag and will be available for buy around NYC/LA

A glance at all the amazing Manisha Arrora from New Delhi at Showroom Seven. I wasn't able to pull it because they were shipping it back to Paris, but I was just in awe!! Is that dress to the right made of film strips!?

(A detail shot of one of the many Manisha Arrora pieces! It's so intricate and full of color..i'm definitely feeling lots of color this season. I can't do black and white any longer!)

I ran like a chicken with my head cut off up and down Manhattan all this week doing pulls for the shoot with is inspired by punk icon, Nancy Spungen (the girlfriend of Sid Vicious in the 70's, but was murdered at the Chelsea Hotel and mystery was never quite solved). She was well known for her edgy looks and pissy attitudes. She may of been a pain back in the day, but that sassy girl inside her is what lives on and inspires us today.

Can't wait to show everyone the looks! It's gonna be epic!
Here is a litte sneak peek of whats to come! ;)



  1. I'm obsessed with you right now!
    thanks to Lookbook i found you, have amazing taste and i love your work
    can't wait to see the work from LoveCat!
    love ;)

  2. awesome! glad you like it! i'm here to share my experiences with the world! :) stay tuned!