29 March 2011

A day in the park

(Wearing: Fred Segal tie dyed tunic, AA leggings, Saks Fifth Avenue sequin bomber, We Who See suede wedges, Posso the Spat ankle spats, cuff, and belt, Chanel sunglasses, H&M beanie, Tiffany's bean necklace, vintage jewelry and satchel)

Spring is finally in the air. You never know with NYC weather. It goes back and forth pretty frequently. It was expected to be 74 degrees and I made a mad dash with a fierce outfit and my camera to Central Park. Along with spring, i'm shedding myself of the color black as a main factor in every outfit and all my layered winter looks. Time to start referencing recent shows for my new wardrobe for the season. Already picked up some awesome pieces. There will be a post of new finds i've came across very soon. 

I love coming to the park. It's so peaceful out here in a city full of chaos. But it never stays too long, back to the reality that there is snow in the forecast for this weekend! 

Time to get ready! Headed to the New York Fashion Film Festival this evening to check out the latest and greatest in fashion documentaries and shorts!


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