05 March 2011



(Wearing: Versace Jeans Couture denim, Cole Haan spectators, Target tank top, Gianni Versace leather belt, Silence + Noise asymmetrical leather vest, Vintage rabbit fur coat & jewelry, H&M purple beanie, and Prada glasses)

The winter is finally wasting away here in the city, and i'm finally able to come out of hibernation again and enjoy everything around me. It's been so unbearably cold lately, and then out of nowhere we had a random spurt of spring weather with high's in the 60's and sunshine for days. I'm officially in LURV. Cant wait for the summer here in NYC! So... I decided to go lay out on a blanket in Central Park and take in some people watching and scenery for a bit...In the process, I managed to get a few photos of what I was wearing. DON'T kill me for not having a full body shot, it's a little impossible to take a photo of yourself without looking stupid! :) 

In other news, I styled a photo shoot for an up and coming magazine yesterday with LEGENDARY rock photographers Mick Rock & Peter Prince. The model was from Wilhelmina and the theme was kind of a post modern tribute to Debbie Harry of Blondie. I can't wait to post the looks when I can! I killed at that photo shoot! The pieces I pulled were just FABULOUSSSSSS! Also, i'm currently en route to Dallas to spend time with family/friends for 10 days, and i'm laid over at the airport in Charlotte, NC editing photos. This is such a strange part of the country to say the least. 

And as the sun goes down, another day approaches!


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