23 October 2011

In a nutshell

( Wearing: Levi's denim, AA splattered button up, JC wedges, Philomena Kwok head piece, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, and vintage leather vest)

This is the perfect time of year for a fabulous silhouette to really make a statement when you're out and about (wherever you are). More importantly, if you're an evolving fashionista searching for your latest fix, look no further then Philomena Kwok. Based out of Sydney, I met her during fashion week at the annual FashionIndie shindig, and she introduced me to the most amazing collection of one of a kind linear head pieces that will add an extra ooh la la to any great outfit. The versatility of each handcrafted piece is phenomenal. To summarize a bit, the shapes are quirky, but powerful for many different types of women. It's perfect for a city stroll or a night out on the town. Dressed up or dressed down..It's an up and coming young brand with plenty of potential to break the folds of the industry. Can't wait to see whats in the future for her as an artist. For more timeless creations, check out her website. It's an honor for me to highlight underground creators in the industry. The leaders are inspiration to their future followers. From there, let the rest fall into place. And lastly, never forget your roots, for they are what direct the path of your destiny. 

Always remember: Fame, notoriety, and recognition aren't everything..you must struggle first to make it through the tricky game of life. The best comes last with hard work and ambition.


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