02 October 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Since I postponed my first of hopefully many takeovers of London & Paris fashion week until next season due to many technicalities, I decided to take a small R&R trip. I arrived in Dallas yesterday morning to visit family/friends + work on a few projects. It's nice to be back in the South. The weather has finally cooled down and it's quite pleasant out. I definitely enjoy this time of year anywhere in the states. Granted when I book a last minute flight, there is ALWAYS a pesky layover in some nowhere town in the MidWest. I'd never been to Milwaukee, or Wisconsin for that matter. But after taking these photos of the sun rising over the Great Lakes from my seat on the plane, I want to go back SO bad. It looks so serene and beautiful! It was one of those moments when I was glad my camera was easily reachable! Caught the photo at just the right moment with a few outtakes in the editing process! ;)

It's time for a little Southern revival and lots of sweet tea while i'm home!

Back in NY in a few weeks, moving into a new place, and beginning the next chapter of my life. 



  1. Awesome shot by the plane window. I love pictures such as these. It is great to travel.

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    1. Yes! Those are my favorite, i'm a sucker for taking them every time I fly. It's a kind of an airplane ritual! xx