23 February 2012

Jeremy Scott part DEUX

For those of you who don't live in NYC, take a virtual photo tour with me through the Jeremy Scott pop up shop that opened for a small 2 week period surrounding NYFW featuring some of my favorite archive pieces from the American art-nouveau designer. What attracts me most to his designs is the fact that he still has fun with fashion every season. It never fails. As much as I love high end ready to wear, it's gotten all too serious over the years. Fresh perspectives are definitely in need for the modern society of fashion.


It had the usual boutique feel - plenty of fun clothes, limited edition pieces, and unique merchandising. 

But then the unusual (when it came to decorating) - this sweet Superman-esque mural of JS on the wall & a pink light up hanger in the window that immediately made me think of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in the scene where she goes ape shit in her apartment with the pink LED gleaming behind her reading "Hell in here".

As I skimmed through the selection with the JS team, I compiled my "top 5 purchase picks" even though I seriously want it all.

01. "Opulence" money top (Fall/Winter 2008)
02. "The Flintstones" printed pants (Spring/Summer 2010)
03. "Mouse Trap" dial skirt (Fall/Winter 2009)
04. "Greetings from Paradise" overalls (Spring/Summer 2012)
05. "Candy Flip" milk kills shirt (Fall/Winter 2011)
++++ all the bags and shoes

If you're in NYC this week, definitely go check it out. They're closing up shop on February 26! 
Only 3 days away! 



  1. This shop is one of my favorite t shirt manufacturers because of the quirky designs that they make. I love their retro shirts and caps too.

  2. Sooo amazing. Do you have any idea when JS would most likely be doing another pop-up shop in NYC?!