23 February 2012

Jeremy Scott part UN

I'm gonna start off saying this, the pros and cons of fashion week always seem to outweigh each other. Of course, who doesn't love a new season full of shows, trends, events, and parties? We all do. But the after effect of all the editing of photos, getting posts ready, and putting them up in a timely manner will just make you want to scream on top of keeping up with the rest of fashion month and your everyday life. So sorry for the delay. But better late, then NEVER.

It's been what seems like a full week of Jeremy Scott in my world. 
Between attending his 90's macintosh meets crazy emoticon hell with a heavy dose of sparkle show last wednesday, checking out his 2 week NYC pop up shop with all my favorite archive pieces from past collections, and attending the ultra glammy cocktail reception he hosted over the weekend with fashions in full force, Italian beefcakes serving champagne, and amazing music + shopping.. 

I think i'm all diva'ed out..
(for this week, of course)

Please excuse the awful cell phone pics, when my camera took a turn for the worst*

Here's a little taste of it all. PS: Don't hate on my for my runway shots, it's completely likely to have a camera + iPhone meltdown at some of your favorite shows during NYFW. (ae; my luck this season with Jeremy Scott, A Wang, Jenni Kayne, Brandon Sun- still working these kinks out)

Check out some of the runway video above ala Elle Mag.
It was a 1990's rave at Milk Studios!


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