25 February 2012

Roses in the winter

Photos by Miguel Rodriguez

(Wearing: Rag & Bone beanie, Levi's denim, Thrifted top, necklace, and boots)

I've been feeling so color forward with my outfits lately for it being so cold outside. I guess i'm ready for a new season. Spring is around the corner. We got our first taste of it a few days ago with a sunny 60 degrees. It was such a familiar feeling, I can't wait for it to be like that everyday again. I'm getting so excited to accustom my wardrobe back to light fabrics and sandals again! I already can't stop wearing floral prints and rich colors, so it's almost here.. 

This is my favorite place for downtime. I could sit on the fire escape for hours and just look out at the city. It looks so peaceful from this view.


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