15 October 2012

All about accessories

(Wearing: ADR x H&M sunglasses, bangle, & choker, Zara knit, Sisley kilt, Whyred jeans, and Minimarket boots)

I finally decided to wait a week and take my new ADR x H&M accessories for a stroll! I was surprised at how easily it was to nab the pieces I wanted. Luckily (for me), it wasn't as highly publicized as previous collaborations, so it kind of fell under the radar! I still wanna go back for the emerald and crystal necklace I was eyeing but couldn't seem to commit to at the time. Anyways, I went for a much more casual approach to the outlandish jewelry. Paired it with a sweater from Zara. I love the 3/4 sleeve for those in between days when it's hot/cold in NY. I recently found this great kilt from at Monk in Park Slope and haven't been able to stop wearing it now that fall is here. It's so chic for this time of year layered over everything. I can't wait to maximize my new purchases now that I actually have an applicable wardrobe that coincides with the weather. I really gotta clean up my summer looks next year! 

I'll leave that for another day!



  1. Really really love this look and the jewelery. Hyped on lookbook :D

  2. Thanks so much! It was fabulous and so comfortable! I appreciate the love! Xx