18 October 2012

Runnin' around town

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(Wearing: Massimo Dutti sweater, AA tank top, Whyred denim, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Coach sunglasses, House of Field turban, and my indestructible Doc's)

I've been on the go all week long, running up and down this city which couldn't be done without some simple, 2 second looks for my casual duty. My trusty Whyred jeans have kept me put together, as they've been the only bottoms I feel like i've worn in days (BTW, I have a million pairs of pants in  every color, print, and style imaginable), but it's okay when they're you're favorite go-to...right!? 

I've found myself being affected by the weather (AGAIN) and have stuck to a strictly monotone wardrobe ALL WEEK long. Signs all point to winter being here. All of the black, navy, and gray...BLAH. It looks great and is so easy to achieve, but i'm wailing for a little sunshine so I can bring out the real LOOKS

Everyone know's i'm a bursting ball of colorful energy! 

To be continued..


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