29 October 2012

When the last light goes out

(Wearing: Blazer, dress, jewelry, belt - all MMM x H&M, Beirn wallet, Ralph Lauren boots, & vintage sunglasses)

I've been playing around the last few days with all my finds from the latest collaboration with French powerhouse artist, Maison Martin Margiela! I'm obsessed with the simplicity and raw edge of the new collection. It's all your favorite basics redefined - all conveniently from his previous years of work. They're incredibly well made and totally depict this darker side of my fashion inspirations (obviously with the color palette, among other things). They go well with this backdrop: In my friends quaint little building on the Upper East Side. It's the ideal pre-war apartment and I've always had a weird love for his hallway. Taking one photo turned into a full blown mini editorial with this outfit. I just love the moody lighting. Laughing thinking at the things we do sometimes. I enjoy making fashion fun again!

Stay young!


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