04 October 2012

Dorothy "Situation" Slippers

(Wearing: Steve Madden loafers, byCorpus paneled moto jacket, Jil Sander shorts)

I took my new "driving shoes" out for a stroll the other day. I'm so happy to finally have a pair, because it's been on my wish list for the last year or so, and I never made it around to getting some last fall. I looked at so many pairs from different brands (and they were all beautiful, dont get me wrong), but nothing really made me say.."WOWWWWWWWW!".  

Ta da, just add a few swarovski crystals in black that glimmers white light in the sun..and i'm sold! Anything bright or sparkly always grabs my attention (which i'm sure you've seen on this blog a time or two). I'm clearly a trophy wife in disguise! I find an eye popping shoe to be the ultimate accessory for a minimal, but glammy gal!

I'll call them my Dorothy slippers, so anytime I get in an awkward situation, i'll click my heels 3 times and BE GONE.




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