23 November 2012

Floating city

(featuring: Kermi the Frog, Sailor Mickey, Kung Fu Panda, Little Russian Doll, NYPD, Paul Frank, Charlie Brown, Spider Man & Uncle Sam)

This isn't really a fashion related post, just wanted to post some of my favorite floats I shot at the 86th annual Macy's parade yesterday here in NYC. I grew up watching it every Thanksgiving morning with my mom, so it's a pleasant reminder to see it in person. The whole set up is adorable!!!! I've definitely got a warm heart & child-like curiosity, so I can't miss this. It's quickly become a yearly tradition for me since moving out here. (I somewhat feel like one of the innocent Japanese spectators running in fear of Godzilla in the movie, these floats are MASSIVE.) I extended the invite to my family next year...now won't that be interesting.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It doesn't have to be the day of to remember what you're thankful for! Always love, share, and give back! 


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