17 November 2012

Floral Collar

(Wearing: Alexander Wang pants, sweater, & bag, vintage button up)

I love this striped sweater I picked up at the Alexander Wang sale last week. It's a great basic for layering. The contrast of floral gives it an elegant touch, no?  I found it visually pleasing for the eyes. With a new bag to boot. It's been a great source for all purpose things. I used it to carry part of my groceries the other night! -___-

I cant believe it's almost December. Time just flies right by these days. Maybe its the weather change, and my lack of accordance of the time and my sleep schedule. But regardless, it's about to be my month with all my fellow Sagittarians!!! Got lots of trips in progress over the next few months and plenty of projects for the new year. 
Cant wait! 


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