10 November 2012

Weekend traveler

Planning on going somewhere this weekend? Well I was recently featured on Cheap Flights UK travel blog for one of the top destination bloggers for NYC. So in lieu of all that, I've compiled my top list of necessary essentials for a perfect getaway out of town! (including a Travel look/day2night look/casual sunday look).

When packing for a quick vacation, the key is simplicity. You can still look fabulous, while not taking 2 armor trucks full of shoes and accessories (as I would in any major travel situation!). Bring items you can pair up and wear more then once, no more then 2 pairs of shoes, a statement hat, all your basics - leggings, tank, shirt, etc, + a great read for the drive up. 
My current absolute-must-haves: leather driving loafers, printed button up's, metallic pants, fitted blazer, silver jewelry, leather belt, & great vintage hat. This rad combo is an ideal representation of my dressed up downtown street style.
L to R
Lastly, dont over do it.
 You want to feel comfortable in your own skin on vacation, it's your dedicated time away from reality! 

Look 1 (Day): Zara button up, pants, vest, necklace & loafers, H&M bag, vintage scarf & hat, Beirn wallet, HofH sunglasses
Look 2 (Casual Sunday): Benneton sweater, Zara vest & loafers, Rubin Chapelle pants, MMM x H&M jewelry, HofH sunglasses, Beirn wallet
Look 3 (Night) MMM x H&M blazer, Zara pants & necklace, We Who See wedges, vintage hat & clutch

Hope this makes packing a less painful experience
Enjoy your stay-ca!


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