30 November 2012

The empty street corner

 (Wearing: Alexander Wang sweater, pants, & bag, Acne shoes, House of Field turban, vintage plaid cap & leather jacket)

Multitasking at 2am? 
Something I'm not very good at. 
But walking with absolutely nowhere particular direction in mind? 
I'm super!

I've spent many nights with friends wandering these empty industrial lots near my house. There is tons of amazing street art along these desolate walkways and it goes on for what feels like forever. I can't help but always beg for a photo op over here!  -___- (**forewarning for future posting). I've concluded it's because everything is so colorful even in the dead of night, making the perfect background for my late night impromptu shoots. So I tested out literally wearing this plaid blanket as a skirt. I'm really into obsessively layeringpieces to define my shape...So for the most part, the outcome was great.. I loved the way the skirt lays so perfectly disheveled over the pants. Very Junya Wantabe meets Jean Paul Gaultier, but it managed to fall somewhere in between the cracks of them both. Somewhere I always seem to end up..and a perfect way to describe my style..

"In between the cracks"

Some random crazy lady on the street dubbed me GYPSYYYYY LADY..
So i'll take that!


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