19 February 2011

A deeper look: inside Prada S/S 11'

Since I've been talking about runway reports for #NYFW for the last week, I figured i'd take a break from that (to give me time to edit the rest of my photos i'm showing) and refresh your memory back to Spring 11' shows in September. It's a beautiful day in NYC with weekend highs around 60 and spring is in the air for sure! :) This is my inspiration for the up and coming months..


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Okay, so...I know i'm a little obsessed with anything and everything that is Prada. But, Miuccia did it again last season with my favorite spring collection to date for the 2011 shows. I thought the whole presentation was genius from the prints, to the shoes, bags, color...and even down to the models. She really knows how to give a full themed collection that actually progresses the way a show should. She's been doing it for years. And practice makes PERFECT.

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Lately this obsession has been popping up vicariously throughout my life. From the model decked in all SS11 Prada at the Timo Weiland afterparty, to a business chic woman clad in the new shades getting out of a cab in SOHO, and then wandering down Madison Ave yesterday and stopping dead in my tracks at the flagship boutique with the new store front staring me in the face..so like any fashion crazed maniac, I went inside. So I had to do a post on exactly what I was thinking. 

Right side of the window display at Madison Ave flagship location!

I had to have one of my touch and feel processes once I entered the store. I just really relate to this collection. I'm not sure where to pin point it..but I've always been a fan of funky prints and trying to mix total opposites, which is the basis of this collection. And my one conflicting matter with fashion is with color. I love color. I have this weird connection with it, it makes me feel alive when i'm wearing it.The only con with living in NY is, all you see  is BLACK, black, BLACK, black, BLACK or neutrals. Those are great and all, but they become so dull after awhile..and i've never been one to be connected to the term "minimalist", although I can appreciate a collection from Calvin Klein or Donna Karan anytime. 

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It's so wild for ready to wear, but so chic and luxurious at the exact same time. Thats what I love about Prada. There are always risks being taking, but in a tasteful manner. Year after year i'm in awe with her talents and seeing the different inspirations coming to life and being produced.

Close up of print on skirt

A full look from SS11'

Left side of window display at flagship, and reflection of me drooling in the background.  >.<

The funny part is, only Prada could present a show like this and be able to call it "minimalist baroque". Although I just went through my huge spill about how it isn't, it's exactly what she's calling it. She took inspiration from simple silhouettes, which is the newest fashion do for recession-proof collections. The references ranged from hospital scrubs, to 17th century cherubs, to the late French Jazz gypsy Josephine Baker (hence the silent movie makeup, 40's pin curls, and cartoonish prints of bananas and monkeys that look like a poster for her back in the day!) and added a touch of BOLD color and out came the line for SS11. 

This is a part of the review Tim Blanks wrote for the new line on Style.com. He said "This time around, however, the glamour was raw, amplified by the pop-colored stoles the models were toting, the graphic silent-movie makeup by Pat McGrath, and the severely sensual outfits in basic black that closed the show as the soundtrack crackled with the static of an old tango record. Miuccia's message was crystal-clear. As she said backstage, banana earrings vibrating: "It's time to be bold." And that's one maxim that, with any luck, will rub off on the world at large."

A perfect way to explain all this fabulous madness, wouldn't you say!?

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..and last but not least. The ad campaign!
Which is as equally amazing as the show. They chose to go with a very jungly vibe for the video and took song excerpts from the band, Ratatat. It's a great representation for the collection. It just reminds me how much I need every single piece of this collection for my archive wardrobe. 


it's official i'm coo coo for Prada jungle wear.

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