17 February 2011

A strange kind of beautiful at Sally Lapointe F/W 11'

It seems like it's an ongoing trend of the color RED carrying on into the F/W 11' season.

Look at this detail! Mindblowing..

Finale walk. Always my favorite part..I still get excited every time!

Close up shot of the final look. It reminded me of an animal in the movie, "Where the wild things are". If only they could wear couture! 

SLP backstage right after the show! :)

Up close shot of the shoes..

(Candid image walking into the show!) She had this sick projection screen playing with dim red lights reflecting off the runway which really set an eerie, yet beautiful mood.

One of my most anticipated F/W 11' collections during fashion week was my friend and up and coming designer of the moment, Sally Lapointe. Taking inspiration from images of photographic processing, she turned this open warehouse space in Chelsea into a dark, futuristic fairy tale. I don't even know where to begin...I love it all. She had a simple palette gracefully progressing throughout the show. Neutrals, to reds, to blues, to black. I took note of the stick straight hair and bare faces. She's became a master of recreating the modern women's silhouette and showed her talents with draping again in many aspects of this presentation. It's great to see a designer who actually still uses a base theme and tells a story throughout her pieces. (Lately, I never know where designers are going with their shows as their happening.) As high end and unique as these pieces are, I can still see them being practical for everyday women's wear...but I guess i'll rest that upon the more daring fashion fanatics then your average working gal.

I think the most exhilarating part of my show experience was going backstage to talk one on one with Sally about the pieces and to physically touch and feel the garments as they were placed back on the racks. Don't get me wrong, the clothes look PERFECT on the runway, but they really come alive when they're in your hands, so full of color and rich in texture. Oi vey!

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