08 February 2011


Everyone loves to party, y'all!

A random candid of me. I'm always so self-concious of taking photos, but I liked this one! :)

My girl Nicole...showing off her blingin' necklace, obviously! 

Are you feeling my John Wayne parody?

Up and coming singer, Sky Ferriera stopped for a photo!

My favorite little nightlife crew: L2R- My roomie John Bryant, BiCoastal friend from LA, and Susie from ClickClash blog!

I went to the Soho Grand a few weeks back for my good friend's weekly party she host's in the club room. There were plenty of familiar faces running around the bar and fabulous things to photograph. I love the vibe I get from this lounge. It's very old world meets John Wayne in some country western song. Local "it girl" Cory Kennedy was spinning on the 1's and 2's with Chrissie Miller of Sophomore NYC. I'm starting to enjoy taking photos of nightlife action, buI t then again I'll make up any excuse to whip out my camera!

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