15 February 2011

First looks + Odilon F/W 11' Presentation

I attended the Odilon F/W 11' presentation earlier this evening. It's one of my favorite L.A. based design labels under the names of Stacy Clark & personal friend Harold Kuhn. They bring a polished and edgy silhouette to your perfect indie beauty. With a plethora of textures ranging from wool, fur, sequins, and velvet...they are definitely in the running for must have item's for the upcoming fall season. I was very pleased with this collection and loved the color palette! It's avant garde yet wearable. And I love how versatile all the pieces are. You can take a jacket from one look and pair it with a skirt or pants from another. Together it makes one great entire collection. This is to date one of my favorite shows i've personally seen this season.

PS: If you've read my blog before, you know I'm quite the model watcher and it's kind of a small obsession for me. LOL Well right as I was walking out of the presentation at Metropolitan Pavillion, I ran into newcomer and top model of the moment, Lindsay Wixen. I snapped a photo of her as I was leaving! I must say...she's so fabulous in person! And super tall! One more dunk for the South. Rep it, girl!



  1. I do too!!! it's an awesome depiction of fantasy like collections i'd day.