11 September 2011

Asher Levine SS12

Attended the Asher Levine show last night with a few good friends of mine. A is such a sweetheart, and my girl Lazia was producing the show, so I couldn't miss it! There was a reception beforehand hosted by Belvedere with plenty of notable industry peeps + bloggers (Katelovesme, GarbageDress, Vogue Japan, etc). Highlight of the entire presentation was couture debutante, Andre J, running up to me yelling "QUEEN, HAY GIRRRRRRL!" and then realizing I wasn't his friend he was looking for. Such a funny moment between a fellow genderless fashion boo and a bearded lady in a sheer, sequin gown.. I said "WERQ it out anyway, honey!" haha

There were so many great looking people in the rows and distinctive pieces walking down the runway. I was surprised to see the direction he went with his spring show. There were all these weird, yet amazing handcrafted accessories that resembled the texture of the ball that Bowser used to throw at enemies in Super Mario Bros! x)

I'm glad to see menswear designers trying to bring that extra flair for upcoming seasons. I'm sick of suits and ties! Dare to be different!

En route to GAG pop-up shop at Museum of Art & Design, hope to find a few sweet accessories!


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