13 September 2011

Viva La Missoni part 2

(Wearing: Vintage tee + sheer jacket, Missoni x Target tights, Zara boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Chanel sunglasses, Missoni nails)

If you keep up with my blog, then you obviously read about my huge excitement for the new Missoni x Target collection to come out. I've always loved Margherita's wild, bold prints on EVERYTHING. And finally she designs something a little more affordable and in my price range. Perfect match made in heaven. Well today was finally the day. It was stocked in stores nationwide and will be till October 22. I got up super early and headed to the Brooklyn location. By 9am everything was gone, and it was an episode of Stepford Wives waiting in line. These Long Island women were getting malicious for Missoni. I guess that's cute. They were all sold out of everything but these solid brown signature print, so I had to have something. But then, my mother came to the rescue. She got up early and went for me in Texas (with my hopes of NOBODY in Texas knowing or caring about the collaboration). We were shopping via picture text since she's across country and i'm in an out of fashion shows all week. It was definitely cute. She got me every piece I wanted + the cute comforter for my newish apt when I get it. Can't for my new pieces to arrive so I can wear them. The anticipation is wearing me down. LOL I'm officially ready for fall.


I'm happier then a clam. So happy, and you'll love my fall interpretation of Missoni on my nails. 
3D art is LEGIT, end of story.



  1. lol i called my mom too and told her if she had the chance to get w/ ever she could! i thought the same about people in dfw not even caring about it.. miss u, you look great <3