03 September 2011

September Blues

I'm having this weird draw towards light, almost turquoise blue lately. I can't seem to put this Balenciaga Area Giant Compagnon wallet down. It has so many compartments and pockets. It's very convenient when you're on the go and don't want to trudge around the city with a huge bag all day. As for the hat, I found it at the new Beacon's Closet that opened yesterday (which by the way had an amazing selection that i'm running back for later today; I'm giving myself 24 hours to think about a pair of Ferragamo suede boots and a neon yellow Versace blazer I found as well) near Union Square. And to say the least, i'm in L O V E. The blue trim around the edges really makes it pop. That makes for a chic war hat if I've ever seen one. After I bought it I realized there was paper stuffed on the inside of the brim that was from a Berlin based newspaper from the late 70's! So maybe it is a German authentic military cap! 


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