10 September 2011

Sally LaPointe SS12

( SLP & I, wearing Silence + Noise vest, SLP top, Armani skirt, Heritage wedges, & vintage collar)

Somebody pinch me so I wake up! Oh wait, this isn't a dream. This is most definitely REALITY. For once, I can easily say "Thank god I wasn't dreaming!" Every season I look forward to what amazing piece i'm going to lay my eyes on Sally LaPointe. She is one of my favorite young, talented designers by far and every season  her collection evolves into something even more beautiful. Her pieces embody a strong, statuesque woman breaking the folds of fashion with innovative and consistent looks that do the talking for her! ;) Sally is definitely a crowd pleaser. She doesn't just give you a good collection. She thinks about the music, the lighting, the mood, the physical setting, etc. For the end result, all of it comes together to present a story to you. It's an emotional love affair through clothing. And thats what I love most about her brand. 

Stay to your true colors, they'll take you far!



  1. we all love her work,
    and you look stunning btw

  2. glad you love it! her collection almost made me cry. so pretty. and thanksss! it was a LONG day to say the least! hope all is well! xx